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Provide more sustainable high-tech while boosting profits

We are producing 50 million tonnes of e-waste annually. At the current rate we will produce 120 million tonnes of e-waste annually by 2050.
(Source: Circular Electronics Partnership)

Bluetron's life cycle management & engineering services prevent waste and will boost your profits … and they offer a huge opportunity to stand out!

Why life cycle management is inevitable for continuity and profitability

Globally, the demand for high-tech equipment is sky-high. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us more reliant than ever on digital solutions. The pace at which companies are developing ever more intelligent technology is increasing. And all this puts a huge strain on electronics supply chains everywhere. On the other hand, we produce millions of tons of e-waste. 
It’s time to take action now!

“In a world in which complex technical, social, economic and geopolitical developments follow each other in rapid succession, we believe in creating added value. Added value with fewer resources, an optimal lifespan and data guarantee for digital systems that should make our lives easier”

Anthony Droppert, General Manager Bluetron

Fulfill (y)our customers' demand

When we implement life cycle management & engineering in electronics businesses we can fulfill the ever-growing demand for:

  • (Raw) materials & components
  • Speed & continuity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Risk reductions
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased yield
  • New business models (pay per use, …)
  • A sustainable way of working and reputation
  • Fairness (e.g. eliminating child’s labor)
  • Responsibility for next generations
Accelerate innovations and go-to-market

At Bluetron we have developed our lifecycle engineering skills and operations for over 25 years. And now the urgency is high as electronics supply chains get stuck we’re here to accelerate your ‘Lifecycle-for-Profit’. And with our skills and resources we’re able to manufacture, repair, refurbish and remanufacture series of high-tech systems and modules.

Who profits from our life cycle & engineering services in your company

Various functions benefit from a relevant company in rapidly changing markets

General management

Better profitability, quality and risk mitigation performance (less reliance on potentially unreliable sources).

Supply chain 

More reliability in the sourcing of materials, components and modules.


More reliable components, less defects and more production progress.


Support in developing more qualitative and sustainable processes.

R&D - engineering

More valuable and circular product design with longer lifetime guarantee.

Marketing & sales

Better propositions as well as market and customer demand fulfillment.

HR & recruitment

(Young) professionals rather work for a more sustainable company.

All employees

More future perspectives in a more relevant company in fast changing markets.

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