“Philips is committed to the circular economy and is applying its principles throughout the organization. We are redesigning our products and looking at ways to capture their residual value.”
Frans van Houten, CEO Philips

Unique lifecycle services for the high-tech industry

Our Circularity-for-Profit services work for high-tech companies in various industries, from large multinationals to SME’s. For some, circular thinking and doing is completely new, others have already started. That makes no difference to us. Our approach is equally practical and effective for both. We’re a lifecycle-partner for the high-tech industry.

You want to start circularity?

The move to a circular business is rather fundamental but rewarding. We can support you in implementing and executing circularity that profits your financials (TCO, ROI), competitiveness and perspectives, step by step.

Our ‘Circularity-to-Profit’ approach starts with an assessment of all your business processes on their circularity potential. We identify the biggest threats as well as the most promising opportunities, from (re) design, (re) manufacturing and refurbishing to reuse or recycling. Then we can develop a Circularity-to-Profit roadmap together with your experts in product development, supply and production. The speed of circularity implementation depends on your ambitions.

Finally, we can support in executing your Circularity-to-Profit roadmap with advice and training as well as with maintenance, repair and refurbishment in our well-equipped workshops.

Bluetron’s Circularity-to-Profit approach
You want to expand circularity?

If you have started circular thinking and doing in your company, we can support in maximizing the results of what you’ve already started. Then we can support you in expanding your activities to maximize value across the entire Product Life Cycle.

Our ‘Circularity-to-Profit’ approach starts with an assessment of your current way of working and roadmap or plan. Together we look at whom and what you have in place already. We identify the biggest threats as well as the most promising opportunities, from (re) design, (re) manufacturing and refurbishing to reuse or recycling. With this assessment we can profit your plan or roadmap.
Then we can determine the best options to implement your circular roadmap: in house, at suppliers or at Bluetron workshops that are well-equipped to support you with maintenance, repair and refurbishment. And we can work with your suppliers to make them circular as well.

Bluetron’s Circularity-to-Profit services
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Who profits

Bluetron has built high-tech lifecycle experience in numerous sectors but in fact any industry that develops or manufactures electronics can profit from our  engineering skills, experience and well-equipped workplaces. We make our lifecycle management & engineering services work for you, when and where needed.

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Do you want to start or improve circular thinking and doing in your electronics company and improve profitability?

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