Ensure minimal inflow and outflow of your electronics resources

Our Circularity-to-Profit services profit your electronics…

in their entire Product Life Cycle


Circularity in electronics ‘all the way’

Our Circularity-to-Profit services provide solutions at every stage of the electronics Product Life Cycle of high-tech functional modules and (sub) systems. Only then you’re able to get the maximum value from circularity. Our skilled engineers and well-equipped workplaces support you at every stage, with design, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, reuse and recycling of business critical modules and (sub) systems, including batteries.

Product lifecycle management

Circularity-to-Profit approach in 3 phases:


1. Beginning Of Life (BOL): in this phase we reduce the inflow and prevent the outflow of electronic materials and components in a later phase by:

  • Circular design
  • Purchase of sustainable materials
  • Testing for lifelong value
  • Production or assembly with a view to reuse in every possible form
Bluetron circularity services at ‘Beginning Of Life’

2. Middle Of Life (MOL): here we maximize the lifetime of electronic modules and (sub)systems by:

  • Smart maintenance or repair
  • Replacement
  • Refurbishment
Bluetron circularity services at ‘Middle Of Life’

3. End Of Life (EOL): then, when an electronic module of (sub)system is obsolete we will use whatever material or component we can to start a Life Cycle of a new one, by:

  • Recycling
  • Repurpose/reuse
  • Remanufacturing
Bluetron circularity services at ‘End Of Life’

Maximizing value

If we have done our work in Phase 1 then we will find value for all materials and components of electronic modules and subsystems in Phase 3. But only after the module or system has already known a maximum lifespan in Phase 2. This way of working prevents waste and generates a maximum return of materials and components used. We even see that systems with refurbished modules have more reliability and thus extend the lifespan of expensive systems!

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Our Circularity-to-Profit services provide practical solutions at every stage of your electronics Product Life Cycle.

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